About Us 

To our fans welcome to our travel blog! Our names for those of you who don't know us are Pete and Lilly. We decided that the best way for us to share our trip with our family and friends was to create a website and here it is.

The idea to quit our jobs and go backpacking for a year started during a red wine-fuelled conversation on a typically overcast evening in the heart of West Sussex. Now nobody has ever come up with a good idea whilst heavily under the influence of alcohol. So imagine our surprise when having sobered up the idea of quitting our secure, reasonably well paid jobs for a year's travel didn't actually seem such a bad idea! In fact it seemed such a good idea we decided to book an appointment with STA Travel in Guildford, and the rest they say is history.

We hope you enjoy following us on our travels and who knows we may even see some of you along the way!