Vancouver 21st to 31st of October

We arrived in Vancouver on a rainy Friday evening after a 5 hour Greyhound journey from Kelowna. We walked from the bus station to our next airbnb in the suburb of Mt Pleasant. It was a nice area about a 40 min walk from downtown Vancouver. 

On the first evening we settled in and went to the supermarket ‘Save on Foods’ , which would become a firm favourite of ours over the next few weeks, pointing one out every time we saw one. Yes, a bit sad but when you get going to a certain place in a country you tend to bond with those places. Our bnb host was out all weekend so it was nice to be able to cook for ourselves and save a bit of dollar.

The next day we walked into Vancouver, we love a good walk. For one it saves a few cents and two is very good exercise. For people who did quite a bit of exercise at home, the lack of my insanity classes and Pete’s regular trips to the gym are taking it’s toll on our fitness levels! :-0

We headed for Granville Island Market, recommended to us by our airbnb host in Calgary. Our walk took us along a river called False Creek. We ended up in Granville Island where we went to the market. The market was awesome with everything you can imagine there. We got an organically brewed coffee from a stall and watched the world go by (and the seagulls steal everybody’s food). 

We then walked the 1 and a half mile journey home stopping at Save on foods to pick up some dinner to cook. 

On Sunday we had a rest day. It may seem funny having rest days as everyday must seem like a rest day to people who think about us travelling but we needed to recoup and just do nothing. 

The next day we were refreshed and ready to go. This day lead to us doing a 6 hr roundtrip to Stanley park and back. Stanley park is a huge park which has walk ways through a forest area and along the sea wall. We absolutely loved this walk, the scenery was stunning and we even got to see a harbour seal fishing for food. This made our day and we made the long walk back through the park with a smile on our face. We stopped at a pub on the way back for a well deserved drink and nacho’s. 

Our last day in Vancouver was spent at the Capilano suspension bridge, followed by a trip to Lonsdale Quay market and Gastown. The Capilano suspension bridge is a long bridge in the rainforest. It was pouring down so the experience perhaps wasn’t as good as it could have been. To be honest ,we were a bit disappointed with the trip and having spoken to another air bnb host, they said there is a free bridge further North which is better. So anyone visiting let me know and we should be able to get information on the other suspension bridge. Lonsdale Quay market was a quirky market with lots of different food places. We picked one called the Cheshire Cheese Bar and filled our bellies for the trip to Gastown. To get to Gastown we took the Sea bus back over to Vancouver. Pete surprisingly managed to get some shut-eye on this relatively short trip 15 minute trip. It never ceases to amaze me where this boy can fall asleep!! We arrived in Gastown and found our plan, to quickly look at the steam grandfather clock that Gastown is famous for and jump back on the train home was scuppered when the machine swallowed our ticket. But with food in our bellies and Pete having had a nap we decided it would be good to walk. We found the clock and admired the cobbled streets. This is where our route home turned a little interesting. We managed to walk along Hastings St, which is one of the places that the web says to avoid if you can, as it is the area of Vancouver where the homeless and drug taking community seem to frequent. This was quite apparent when we turned the corner from quaint Gastown into a mass of people completely off their nuts on one drug or another. I felt a bit wary, Pete on the other hand didn't seem surprised at all! In fact he had known where we were all along and just wanted to see what it was like. Nevertheless we quickened our pace and in doing so I managed to step in dog poo!!! We made it through, to be honest it was sobering to see and reminded us of how lucky we were to be doing what we are doing. When we told our air bnb host, he laughed and said ‘ so you managed to see the only place in Canada that is like that’. We later read that it is like Canada’s version of Skid Row in L.A.

The next day we headed off to Richmond and then Surrey. These are two suburbs of Vancouver which we stayed in on the way down to the ferry to cross over to Vancouver Island. 

Whist in Richmond we did a great walk along the coast (4 hours) ending up in Steveston which was a beautiful town. Of course the walk ended with coffee and cake as all good walks do! 🙂

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