Seattle – 4th to 7th of November

Seattle 4th of November to 7th of November

On the morning of the 4th we headed to the ferry terminal in Victoria harbour to catch our ferry to Port Angles and back to American soil. We met some lovely Americans who were returning home and had a good chat to them while we were waiting to board (Hi Carolyn and Ruth). We gave them our blog so hopefully they have managed to look us up! We were sad to say goodbye to Canada and Save on Foods, but really looking forward to our next adventure.

The journey of was smooth and we managed to spend our remaining Canadian dollars on a coffee and cinnamon swirl!! We only had an hour between our arrival time and getting our bus to Seattle and had to go through American customs the other side. We didn’t have to worry though as we sailed through and had plenty of time before our bus. 

The bus took us from Port Angles, to Kingston where we boarded another ferry to get across to Edmonds and on to Seattle. We eventually arrived in Seattle at 4:50 pm, having left Victoria at 8:30 in the morning, so it was a long  day of travels. We managed to grab a subway and then made our way to our air bnb. When we go there we were blown away by the view from our host Britany’s apartment. You could see downtown Seattle with all it’s bright lights and it looked stunning. We were staying just over the bridge from downtown Seattle in a place called Fremont. It is a really quirky neighbourhood and a great place to visit on it’s own. 

After a good nights sleep we headed into downtown Seattle to Tilikum place Cafe to experience brunch,Seattle style. We ended up having to wait 45 mins for a table but it was definitely worth it. I had what is called a ‘savoury dutch baby’ . It is basically a big yorkshire pudding with cheese, peppers and broccoli in it, along with a side of roast potatoes and home made ketchup. It was delicious. Pete had baked eggs, which had goats cheese and mushrooms covering baked eggs with a layer off breadcrumbs on top, along with a side of bacon. After this huge breakfast we went to walk it off at Pike Place Market. This is the biggest market we have been in since staring out travels and was never ending. They sold everything there, food, crafts, flowers, paintings etc. Definitely a place to visit if you find yourself in Seattle.

That evening we visited the Fremont brewery, a must if you are in Fremont and when we went we understood why. You could buy taster beers and pints of any of the specialised beers. These were served with pretzels and an apple if you so desired. We might have tried a few beers, Bonfire being Pete’s favourite and Golden Ale being mine. We met a lovely couple in there who we chatted to about travelling and living in the US. After we finished up our pints we headed back to the flat in a buoyant mood. We then ate a bag of crisps and chatted to Britany about her travels to Africa.

The next morning we woke with slightly delicate heads and decided to stay local. We went to visit the Fremont troll and then to the market that is held in Fremont on a Sunday; via a random statue of Lenin in the middle of Fremont! We grabbed a bite to eat at the market and then headed to The Gasworks park after a walk along the harbour. The view from the park is stunning and we took quite a few photo’s. We then headed back towards the apartment and went into a coffee place. Funnily enough we bumped into Britany who had gone to meet a friend. She recommended Paseo, a Caribbean sandwich shop for lunch. We took this advise and headed up there ,and she wasn't wrong, the sandwiches' were delicious. We ate them in a rose garden. As we were finishing a couple walked into the park with a golden retriever puppy, we got talking to them and as it turns out they live in Seaside, a town down the West coast of Oregon and gave us some good tips for our road trip which we noted down. They also suggested we check out Green lake, a few blocks away. We took their advice and were not disappointed. The lake was beautiful and there were so many walkers, joggers, cyclists and even a tight rope walker enjoying the surroundings. We took a stroll home to see if we could see the sunset from the roof of our apartment. Although the sunset was obscured by cloud the view was still great. We sat up on the roof for a while just taking in the city, until I got chilly and we went back inside to for the same view, but in the warmth of the apartment. We spent the rest of the evening planning the road trip which we were to embark on the next day. I am chief navigator for the trip which I am slightly dreading as my past exploits in navigation are not something I am proud of, but Pete promised not to get cross with me as we don’t really have any deadlines to stick to so cross fingers! :-)………..

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