Five and a half hours after we had left Ottawa we arrived in Toronto ready for the next leg of our adventure, but not before being asked, if we knew Kate and Wills by someone on the bus! 

Our accommodation, again courtesy of Airbnb was in a suburb on the east side of Toronto. So we headed for the subway but not before a trip to Lil’s favourite fast food outlet, Chipotle. 

We arrived at the subway station to find it was closed, however there was an attendant on hand to point us in the direction of the bus. A very helpful lady also gave us $2 towards the bus fare, we a slowly starting to learn to carry change with us.

Our accommodation was really nice, we had an en suite, fridge and a coffee percolator in our room, the coffee was even provided for us.

Sunday, we headed to downtown Toronto, we hopped off the subway and meandered down to the CN Tower for views over Toronto and beyond.

The Toronto Blue Jays were playing the New York Yankees at the Rogers Centre, which is next to the CN Tower. There were a lot of fans milling about, but it also meant that there were lots of free promotional snacks being handed out. We managed to grab a few packs of almonds and trail mix, but not as much as we should have done!

The CN Tower provided great views over Toronto and Lake Ontario, we even managed to get some photos of the baseball game from a few hundred metres in the air. The was a level with a glass bottom which was odd to step out on, it does make you feel a bit uneasy to start with, but you get used to it.

The tickets we purchased gave us access to the Sky Pod, which was a further 33 storeys higher up. It essentially provided a higher view of the same sights and in hindsight probably not worth the extra $15 each we paid. However, we can say that we have been up the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere.

After the CN Tower we headed off to explore the harbour. Lil decided to get in some much-needed camera practice, and began snapping away at anything and everything. This included a labradoodle called Murdoch. HIs owner a chap by the name of Iden Ford is a film photographer, and it turns out is married to Maureen Jennings, a famous crime author. Her works include the famous Murdoch??, No prizes for guessing where they came up with the name for their pooch!

Iden took a few photographs of us, and we exchanged email addresses and he and Murdoch went on their way.

Fresh on Spadina Avenue was our eatery of choice that evening, a predominantly vegan restaurant with a few vegetarian options available; but no meat. 

I must say the quinoa burger with peanut satay sauce was actually pretty good, but unfortunately Lil, it will never replace a good old solid beef burger.

Monday, we had a bit of a lazy day only venturing out for some Thai food. Unfortunately this would be the saddest day so far, as Watford failed to make it three wins on the trot, instead being comprehensively beaten by Burnley!

Tuesday we headed back into Downtown Toronto, where we had a nice visit to St Lawrence Market and purchased a variety of cheese filled olives. Blue cheese olives were my favourite although, as you can imagine they were quite salty!

We finished off the day with a long walk along the shore of Lake Ontario and back home via the  Olympic Cafe for a pizza.

Wednesday was our last full day in Toronto, and we spent it at Niagara Falls. Technically I suppose that is not quite Toronto, nevertheless it was a great day out. 

Having got soaked by the falls on our boat trip courtesy of Hornblower Cruises, we returned to shore to dry off and explore the town. For those of you who haven’t been to the town of Niagara, imagine any British seaside town with amusement arcades, and that is what Niagara is like. The only difference being, everything is bigger, oh and the crazy golf is better!

Thursday morning we headed off to the airport to catch our flight to Edmonton. Ideally we would have flown directly to Calgary, as we were picking up an RV there on Friday. However, crazy as this may seem, it was cheaper to fly to Edmonton (with a stopover in Calgary) and get a bus to Calgary. Internal flights are quite expensive in Canada, for example our flight with WestJet cost £292.35 between us. At the moment you can fly from Gatwick to Toronto with WestJet for £202 per person.

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