Ottawa was only a short bus journey (in Canadian terms) away from Montreal, taking around 2 and a half hours.

We donned our backpacks for a short 15 minute walk to downtown Ottawa to catch a connecting bus to Coronation Park for our next Airbnb stay. 

A simple, uneventful 15 minute walk along a straight road, easy right? Wrong!! As we trundled off down Kent Street in search of the number 86 bus, chatting away, Lilly failed to see the wooden base of a giant temporary road sign jutting out in the road.  Yes, you guessed it, over she went desperately trying to stay upright as she was being pulled towards the ground by the weight of her backpack. Suffice it to say, she didn’t make it, however did style her fall out pretty well! She was okay, thanks to the trusty first aid kit we had packed.

We finally made it to our destination in Coronation Avenue, and were met by our host Alex. We were shown to our room, where we unpacked and headed off for our maiden visit to Wal-Mart so we could collect a few provisions. Via Mucho Burrito of course, no prizes for guessing what they serve at that establishment.

Thursday morning and we headed off on foot into Ottawa, the walk was a few miles away, but we got to see the Rideau Canal which was nice. Here is a fun-filled fact especially for Matt and Lou, in the winter the Rideau Canal freezes and becomes the longest ice skating rink in Canada. There is an annual skating event held, which involves skating several kilometres from one end to the other.

We headed to Parliament Hill with the hope of getting a free guided tour of Canada’s parliament building. Unfortunately we hadn’t done our research properly, so when we arrived we found that all tours were cancelled as the Chinese Prime Minister was in Ottawa that day.

On Friday we headed back into town for a coffee, followed by a late lunch at South Street Burger Co. Then we decided to see the movie Snowdon at the Cinema, a great film, but it does make you wonder what the government and intelligence services know about you!

Saturday we headed to the bus station to catch the bus to Toronto. We decided to walk from where we were staying, we underestimated the distance and an hour later we finally arrived at the bus station, tired but relieved.

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