Shelburne, Vermont

We spent most of the last week sightseeing like proper tourists, spending way to much money than our budget would allow us. Shelburne in Vermont was our next destination, one where we would try to balance the books. Eating cheap, playing tennis and generally anything which didn't cost us any money was on the agenda.

We once again used airbnb for our accommodation, a lovely house is in a quiet residential area. On our arrival we found a Lindt chocolate ball had been left on our bed, a nice touch one that didn't last long as we devoured that confectionary in record time.

That night we relaxed, chowing down on a cheese pizza purchased from the local petrol station.

The following day after I had comfortably dispatched Lilly at tennis, (even though she pulled off a couple of ‘Serena’ style forehand winners) we indulged in a rather more balanced diet courtesy of the Bangkok Minute Thai cafe.

The owner was from Chiang Mai, I tried to explain that we would be visiting there in May but I am not sure he understood. Instead he responded by saying how much he loved Liverpool and he was looking forward to watching them beat Chelsea. Who knew that two days later his prediction would prove to be right!

We briefly met our host Tamara on our last day, she had been away on business in New York and was knackered when she got back.

Luckily for us that was not the last we saw of Tamara. As we stood at the bus stop waiting with our backpacks on, she pulled up and offered us a ride into Burlington. She wasn't alone, we got to meet Taco her chihuahua, who wasn’t shy in saying ‘hello’.

We caught another bus from Burlington to the UMALL, which was free as a kind lady offered us two free tickets. So two free rides later and as we were approaching the UMALL, Lilly spotted IHOP. We headed for the entrance and I got to experience my first ever IHOP breakfast.


Two free buses and a belly full of Belgian waffles later, we arrived at Burlington Airport to wait for the bus to Montreal......

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