Boston September 10th to 13th of September

Once again the Megabus was our chosen method of transport, mainly as it cost us $6 for the 5 hour journey. This time there was air-conditioning and the wi-fi worked a little better so all in all pretty good value!

We arrived at South Station and negotiated the subway to Packards Corner, where we made the 2 minute walk to our next place of residence. The location was in the middle of studentsville, apparently there are 150 schools in Boston and it is home to 250,000 students during term time! This accounts for a third of Boston's population, see we are learning a few things along the way.

Having dropped off our bags we headed out for some food, yes you guessed it fast food. This one however was slightly healthier it was mediterranean cuisine, wholemeal wraps filled with greek salad plus some beef for me and halloumi for Lil. 

Whilst we were tucking into our grub, we overheard the next table talking about the time one of them was robbed at gun point in a park by a large gang. We didn't hear the exact location, so we decided to stick to the main roads on our way home. Better to be safe than sorry!

The chap could well have been trying to impress the female party in his company, we hoped this was the case.

Truth be told Boston felt extremely safe, apart from a couple of weirdo’s on the metro in New York we have felt very safe in the US of A.

Sunday morning and off we went to explore Boston, via of course Lilly’s new favourite coffee shop Ziggy’s.

After receiving our caffeine fix we booked a Segway tour for the following day, as recommended to us by my aunt and uncle Sarah and Ian. In fact they also kindly gave us their whale watching tickets so we also booked to do that.

That was the following day planned, so off we headed to the start of the Freedom Trail a mere 2.4 mile walk through Boston finishing at the USS Constitution. As we lead fairly active lifestyles we thought we would do the walk in an hour or so, no problems!! 6 hours later and feeling the pain we finished the walk and sat down for a well deserved burrito.

Monday morning we headed off to the harbour to catch the boat for the whale watching tour. An hour and a half into the tour I said to Lil, “I bet we don’t see any whales, we will have to turn back soon”. Lil took the bet and won, 5 minutes later we were surrounded. Humpbacks and Minke whales chasing schools of fish to the surface, with those pesky sea birds hovering around for an easy meal. 

A great experience and some great memories and photos too!

Up next was the Segway tour!! 5 minutes of training with Captain David in the basement and we were ready for the streets of Boston.

So off we went with the Gopro attached to the handlebars of my Segway on our guided tour of Boston.

David was a brilliant guide his knowledge of Boston was phenomenal, he even showed us where the Mafia headquarters in Little Italy were and the former headquarters of Whitey Bulger. Something which inspired us to watch ‘The Departed’ again, what a great film.

The tour was only meant to last for an hour, it ran over by about 20 minutes. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip, and one we are glad we did.

A very memorable day, capped off with a huge plate of nachos washed down with wine and beer.

Tuesday morning and it was off to Shelburne, Vermont we went……

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