New York City Part 2 – 7th to 10th of September

So we arrived in New York for the second time on our trip courtesy of the Megabus. Other than the air conditioning not working it was a fairly smooth journey, anyway we could hardly complain as it only cost $10.

As we are on a fairly tight budget, spending on food is something we are keeping to a minimum. So on arrival at 27th street and 7th Avenue we found Kobeyaki, a Japanese fast food outlet. Lilly tucked into rice and tofu and for me it was a teriyaki chicken burger in a brioche bun.

Having fed and watered ourselves sufficiently (or as much as our budget would allow us) we headed off on the subway, Utica Avenue, Brooklyn our destination. 50 minutes later and we were ascending the steps of the station where we bumped into two NYPD cops standing at the top of the stairs.

To check we were heading in the right direction, I asked one of the cops if he knew how to get to Bainbridge Avenue. He removed his phone from his pocket and pulled up a map, a sudden look of panic flashed across his face. “Looks like you are staying in the Bronx”, he said with slight concern. Turns out luckily for us it was Bainbridge Street and it was two minutes walk from where we were.

Off we headed on the short walk to our accommodation, the first we had tried using Airbnb. Our hosts were Sara a graphic artist for the New York Times and Kelsey a Lawyer, self confessed Brooklynites who had just celebrated their first year as a married couple. On arrival we were met by Kelsey who had just arrived home from a Crossfit class. She welcomed us in and gave us a tour of the apartment, our room was comfortable, we unpacked and decided to get some much needed sleep.

On Thursday we headed back to the subway and jumped on the train to Manhattan. Having negotiated a few beggars and alternative individuals we made it to our destination, 42nd Street. Off we hopped and after a coffee and croissant we made our way to Times Square. A few pictures later we decided a visit to Central Park was in order. On route to Central Park we came across M&M world, three floors dedicated to all things M&M! As a big lover of Peanut M&M’s the memorabilia was a particular highlight for me but not as much as finding out they make dark chocolate peanut ones! Half an hour later (no exaggeration) we left M&M world and carried on to Central Park. After a brief walk around Central Park we found ourselves on 5th Avenue, passing Gucci, Versace, Armani and a whole host of other designer shops. The temperature was sweltering, it must have been in the 90”s so diving into these shops to take advantage of the air conditioning was a good way to cool down.

We made it to the Empire State Building, making a note of TGI’S happy hour for later. We bought a pass for the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre and Ferry Tour which cost $79 and we proceeded to scale the Empire State. Having grabbed some photos of the skyline of New York we decided to check out happy hour at TGI Friday’s. A few drinks later and we merrily walked off to enjoy the sunset at the top of the Rockefeller.

Friday morning, a boat tour on the Hudson River was first port of call (no pun intended) after of course our obligatory morning coffees. The boat took us around the southern point of the financial district and towards the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. It was then onto Liberty Island to get a close up of the Statue of Liberty, plenty of opportunities for a selfie!!

We hopped off the ferry back at the financial district and made the short walk to the 9/11 museum. A very sobering experience, but an extremely well put together memorial of those who died on that tragic day 15 years ago.

That was to be our last sight seeing tour in New York and before we decided to head back to Brooklyn we grabbed a Burrito at our new favourite fast food outlet Chipotle.
When we arrived back in Brooklyn we were met by Sara who had gone out and bought us Twinings English Breakfast Tea. We were invited to join Sara and Kelsey for Indian takeaway but we kindly passed as we had already eaten. I asked if they were having Poppadoms, mango chutney etc and Kelsey looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. Turns out she had never heard of a poppadom, the best part of an Indian takeaway.

We said our goodbyes to Sara and Kelsey as we were leaving early in the morning. It was a great first experience of Airbnb, their apartment was really nice and they were both lovely people.

Saturday morning came and it was time to say goodbye to New York, so we donned our rucksacks and headed for the Megabus. But not before Coffee and a toasted sandwich.

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