Washington DC


Washington DC - 6th and 7th of September 2016

Leonard kindly dropped us to our hotel and then into the centre of DC so we could start our day of sightseeing. 

We started in the searing heat at the Capitol building and worked our way along the Mall to two of the Smithsonian museums, natural history and American history. Both were brilliant and we learnt a lot of things we didn’t know especially about American history. I loved the presidential part, seeing who had been in presidency when certain historical events had taken place. 

During our walks between places we decided to buy some water. At the first place it was something like $3.50, another place was $2.00 and this led to Pete comparing water prices for each stall we passed, and believe me there were a lot!!. I would liken it to people comparing petrol prices at each station, it did keep me amused at his reaction to each price so I didn’t complain. 

After comparing a few more water prices we headed up to the White House to see where Mr Obama currently resides. We walked down the street and spotted a white building with large pillars and Police blocking the entrance. We were on the path so took a few good photos and the obligatory selfie. We were very pleased with ourselves as it wasn’t very busy and we didn’t have to jostle for good photo’s. We wandered on further up the path. This is when we saw a crowd of people. We both looked at each other, why were people gathering up there?. Being the curious pair that we are, we went to have a look. And would you believe it there it was, the White House. We had only spent 5-10 mins taking photo’s of an outbuilding surrounding the White House. Having a chuckle we now starting taking photos of the ACTUAL White House which you can see on the blog.

Walking further up this path was interesting as a flustered secret service agent suddenly shouted at us to change direction on to another path. Why… because Michelle Obama was coming in to the White House in a convoy of vehicles!!!! I got a little over excited that we had seen her silhouette in a car. It’s the simple things….

After all this excitement we headed down towards the Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and then home on the subway to our Best Western hotel. 

Up next New York City.......

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