New York City Part One – 1st of September 2016

The flight to the US was smooth, we would definitely fly with Norwegian Air again. The food was reasonable and the in flight entertainment was excellent. The best thing about the 787 Dreamliner was without a doubt the leg space, not so important for Lilly but for me it was great.

We managed to depart Gatwick on time, landing at JFK airport around 7.45pm. Unfortunately we then sat on the runway for about 90 minutes until we could find a place to park up and get off. Our run through customs went without incident, but for some reason we always seem to pick the slowest queue wherever we go!!

Having been granted access to The States we made our way to Lower Manhattan on the air train followed by the E train on the Metro. We then set off on foot from 14th Street station to The Jane Hotel which was a few blocks away.

Arriving at the hotel we noticed gathering of slightly intoxicated people outside the front door. It turned out that there was a night club in the hotel!!

However our fears of a sleepless night were put to bed (no pun intended!) as the room was fairly well sound proofed. At 0500 hours we were woken by the alarms of our new acquired Casio watches ( thank you Jonny and Emma) and we were up and ready to head for the Megabus Stop on 34th Street.

We checked out and made our way to the street where we hailed our first NYC Yellow Taxi. The taxi ride took about 10 minutes to 34th Street finding ourselves at the front of the queue for the Megabus to Washington DC.

4 hours and 35 minutes later and we arrived at Union Street station in Washington DC ready for the next part of our trip…….

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