London Gatwick

Lilly enjoying a Glass of Prosecco

Well it is finally here, the time has come it is September the 1st!!

We thought we would treat ourselves to the last bit of luxury for a long while, so we are writing this post from the comfort of the N.o 1 Lounge at London Gatwick’s South Terminal. Sipping a glass of Prosecco!

It is all a bit surreal we are not sure the idea of travelling the world for a whole year has quite sunk in yet. I am sure when we are frantically looking for a place to wash our underwear in a few days time the reality will set in!!!

We are heading to NY for one night, then we are off down to Tall Timbers to visit Bootsie and Dick (Pete’s nan’s friends). Lets hope the Cadbury’s chocolate survives the journey.

Anyway, hopefully you will be able to follow us on our travels and enjoy the photos and videos that Pete takes!(he is better than me with that stuff).

Bye for now!!

L and P

One thought on “London Gatwick

  1. Have an absolutely amazing time guys! Looking forward to following your travels from our boring work desks and feeling very jealous!

    Matt & Louise xx

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