Not long to go!!

It is a lovely summers evening here in leafy East Grinstead, a mere 44 days from our departure date of September the 1st. According to the BBC weather page it is a very warm 24°c, Pete’s slightly pink forehead is providing an accurate indication that this may well be the case.

As we sit here going through our final checklist, we remembered that our last update was way back in March.

We are almost set for our trip now, we have a few bits and pieces to get; a first aid kit, Pete’s contact lenses and 100% deet for those pesky mozzies to name but a few items!!

We have had the required vaccinations although Pete decided against Japanese encephalitis. Apparently unless the plan involves handling wild birds or pigs the chances of contracting the disease are fairly remote. Swelling of the brain is not a risk Lilly wanted to take and decided to pay the 180 odd quid to avoid looking like the elephant man/woman.

The first ten days of our trip is fairly organised; our accommodation is arranged as is our transport between New York and Washington (well one way is). The rest of the trip is fairly fluid with only a few dates we need to stick to. On the 2nd of December we need to be in Cairns to collect a camper van so we can tour the east coast of Australia. This is followed by Auckland which is where we need to be by the 1st of February, when we collect another camper van for a three month stint around New Zealand.

As the 1st of September edges closer our excitement edges ever closer towards sheer euphoria, the fact we both have under 20 working days left in our jobs also helps.

Thanks for reading and remember if you have any tips for us please send us a message on the left hand side of our home page.

Take Care and talk to you all soon

Pete and Lilly

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