Our 1st ever Blog

9781118404102The idea of setting up our very own blog has been in the pipeline for a while now and after months of faffing we have finally gotten round to it. However it seems that we’ve seriously underestimated the complexity of designing one of these blasted sites. I mean how difficult could it be to add a few photos, a header here, a footer there? Well after hours of research, experimentation and heated debates we have finally come up with the finished article (sort of).

We are so glad we decided to start this process 5 months in advance as it is debatable whether it would have been finished in time if we had left it any later, such was our ineptitude at web design!

Actually the reason we have started blogging is so we can commence the countdown to that magical date of September 1st 2016. Because ladies and gentleman, boys and girls as the clock strikes 5pm (hopefully if we are not delayed come on Norwegian Air don’t let us down!) we will depart London Gatwick to our first destination the Big Apple!

Now our blogs are not only for our friends and family to share our journey around the globe but anyone who happens to stumble across this site and wants to share the experiences we encounter on our adventure of a lifetime.

We will post stories of the places we visit, the people we meet, the sights we see, the food we eat. If you’re lucky or more to the point if we are lucky and we somehow fluke the correct aperture and/or shutter speed settings on our camera you might get to see some nice photographs too!

But before we begin our journey we will share with you the build up to that magical date. We will share our plans and ideas with you, feel free to share your ideas with us after all we will remind you about our aptly named website.

Stay tuned folks for the next instalment of the travelling novices…….





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